PRESS | LA Beat on the Folk U Series at Vampire Lounge

LA Beat covered our first installment of the Folk U series at the Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room in Beverly Hills.

This residency allows me to bring in my favorite folk artists to perform in one of Beverly Hill’s most unique venues… a Vampire Bar. Where better to play traditional and rural music passed through the ages in oral tradition. From contemporary to roots revival and American folk music we hope to explore it all.

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Asheville VegFest

I am heading to Asheville, NC for the 2017 Asheville VegFest on Sunday, September 3rd. This day-long VegFest brought to you by the Asheville Vegan Society runs 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

A wide variety of vegan fare will be available for purchase from multiple food vendors and restaurants, and free samples will be provided as well. Think of it as a delightful vegan epicurean feast.”

The Asheville VegFest will kick off the 2017 Compassionette Tour, before I head on to Nashville, TN for the 2017 Americana Music Festival. I’m looking forward to spending a couple of weeks in one of my favorite parts of the country, sharing the word about how to choose ways to implement animal-friendly choices from music, fashion, food, and love!

Check back for more tour dates, sponsors, set times, and additional information. Contact me if you are interested in being a part of the Compassionette Tour and helping me share the message of easy ways to reduce our reliance on animal products in our daily life.


#vegan #tour #compassionettetour

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The influences of Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, and Lucinda Williams can be discerned in her solo debut, and Country Music People ranked Life, Death, and the Spaces Between third on a ‘Best Albums of 2015’ list, dubbing Annette Conlon “a major talent” who “created a moving, intimate, magical melodic country trip.” Currently working with three-time Grammy winner Alf Rodenas on her second album, Conlon promises a “sweeter, happier, AmeriFolk/Rock” effort that “delves ever deeper into my human heart.”

A frequent performer at charity events, nightclubs, and festivals in and around Los Angeles, Annette Conlon is a passionate animal rights advocate and vegan musician. Her songs of compassion, social consciousness, human interaction, animals, and awareness have been played around the country and traces of more modern artists like Lou Reed, Nick Cave, The Civil Wars, and The Weepies can be felt here. She recently completed her second SouthEast tour dubbed the Compassionette Tour. This Tour helped elevate awareness with sponsors in music, fashion, and food, and the musical activism helped raise awareness of animal cruelty and factory farming.  (See for details.)

Annette toured the country from the mid-1990s through the mid-2000s with her Dallas-based alt-rock band Eden Automatic, opening shows for the B-52s, Duran Duran, Missing Persons, and the Pretenders, among others. When serious health issues forced Annette to face her own mortality, her music began a shift towards a more roots-based sound, resulting in a collection of her most personal musical storytelling.

Her solo debut, 2015’s Life, Death, and the Spaces Between, is rich with country-flavored melodies and lively instrumentation — accordion, banjo, cello, Dobro, guitars, mandolin, mellotron, and pedal steel — arranged alongside guitarist/husband Doug Conlon and multi-instrumentalist and producer Ted Wulfers. The 15 songs explore Conlon’s two-year journey through deadly illness, multiple surgeries, and a major brain injury. Songs like “First Suicide,” “Cedar Box” and “Faceless Angel” address challenging issues of loss, fear, faith, and relationships — weighty matters, to be sure, yet she fashions silver linings from the darkest of clouds.

Conlon recalls. “I wrote ‘Live Like an Angel’ about refusing to let crushing despair defeat you — about rising above and letting the world hear you sing.”

Along with Country Music People’s high praise, called the new release “a sincere compilation of emotionally born composition.” Life, Death, and the Spaces Between landed on the Top 100 RadioFreeAmericana chart, and tracks are still earning radio play in the U.S. and Europe. “Cedar Box” has been picked up for the soundtrack to the Highland Myst film The Harrowing, due out Winter 2017/2018.

Long active in LA’s independent music community, Conlon is dedicated to supporting other independent women in music. Toward that end, her monthly NetteRadio Songwriter Showcase has produced more than 100 artists showcases and has raised funds for numerous charitable causes. She received the 2011 Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year Award, and a 2015 Hollywood Music Media Award nomination in Americana.

Most recently Annette has performed at Americana Fest, NAMM, The Bluebird Café, SoCal VegFest, Plant Fest, National Animal Rights Day, Have A Heart Ranch, WorldFest, EarthDay LA, Chicago Veganmania, Mesa Music Festival, and more from California to Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Chicago.


Annette has been featured in Fierce Magazine,, and, and her writing has been published in ROCKRGRL.

Annette was voted ‘Fan Favorite’ by the 2015 L.A. Music Critic readers and her CD Life, Death, and the Spaces Between received a nomination for an L.A. Music Critic Award. She is a 2015 HMMA (Hollywood Music Media Awards) Nominee. She was awarded the 2011 Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year Award and she was a recipient of the 2009/2010 ASCAPlus Award.

Her music has been licensed for several films.

She is endorsed by Bedell GuitarsSeagull Guitars, Daisy Rock GuitarsLR Baggs, Shubb CaposGuitar MooseCouch Guitar StrapsKat Mendenhall Vegan Cowboy BootsBent & Bree, and BHAVA, and in 2016 Tofurky lent support to the Compassionette Tour by providing coupon booklets and compassionate counter-culture cards to distribute along the way.

Annette has been a voting member of the Grammy’s (NARAS) since 2001. Her work was nominated in round one for the 58th GRAMMY consideration in several categories, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year, as well as Best New Artist, Best American Roots Performance (First Suicide), Best American Roots Song (First Suicide), and Best Americana Album (Life, Death, and the Spaces Between).

She is a vegan, an advocate for animal rights, rescues stray kitties, and is passionate about everything she pursues.
She is full of gratitude.


The Boise Beat:
Indie Pulse Interview:
Colorado Springs Gazette, feature:
Vents Magazine Interview (page 238):


Additional notes:

Membership: ASCAP, NARAS (voting 2001), Americana Music Association (voting 2015), FAI (Folk Alliance), and NSAI – Nashville Songwriters Association.

Other memberships: Songsalive, WIM (Women In Music,) GoGirlsMusic.

Annette works with many great organizations such as SongNet, IMC, Rockin’ Moms, and Mamapalooza.

Life, Death, and the Spaces Between was funded by Kickstarter. Annette is grateful to everyone who supported this debut solo record by contributing to and sharing this campaign.

Previous bands: The Conlons, Eden Automatic, who toured and released four CDs, Somebody’s Sister, and Love Garage.




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“Spreading awareness through music is perhaps the easiest part.”

Joseph Timmons, Indie Pulse Magazine (June 24, 2017) PDF


“I am so excited to share my love for animals and veganism with folks across the country, to show them how easy it is to live more compassionately, from what you eat, to what you wear, and to help folks make the connection that our animal friends are not food.”

Valley Scene Magazine (June 23, 2017) PDF

“She shapes her experiences into country-Americana ballads with criminally catchy hooks. Each song feels universal in its nuance; she clearly took the old mantra “write what you know” to heart.”

Caleigh Derreberry, The Gazette, (June 23, 2017) PDF


“In her own way, Annette is following in the footsteps of such folksingers as Peter Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, not only showing their activism through their music but through their actions too.”

Ed Simon, The Boise Beat (August 16, 2017) PDF

“The compositions balance the acoustic instruments to zip slide, pedal steel and heavy guitar licks in a beautiful synthesis. And poetry balancing on a pinch between faith and despair. Annette Conlon’s music live(s) greatly in contrast, and a more or less fragile balance between them. (translated)”

– Mangus Eriksson, Rootsify @ (Feb 24, 2016)

“Another superb debut from a highly gifted Americana singer/songwriter. With its strong melodies this one could sell quite well.”

– Paul Riley, Country Music People (Named #3 in Critic’s Choice Top Ten Best Albums of 2015) (Jan 01, 2016)

“This is a CD with very strong lyrics that are supported with a nice musical back-up…This is a CD for you that want to LISTEN to good lyrics that are surrounded with fantastic back-up. A strong four. (out of five)”

– Lars Thell, Director, Smalånds Country Club, Vimmerby, Sweden (Nov 01, 2015)

“This is a CD with very strong lyrics that are supported with a nice musical back-up…This is a CD for you that want to LISTEN to good lyrics that are surrounded with fantastic back-up. A strong four. (out of five)”

– Paul Riley, Country Music People (Jul 01, 2015)

“If you are looking for a CD full of music that sounds completely polished and like everything else out there, pass on this. If however you want something that sounds like nothing else you have heard lately this might just be your cup of tea.”

– Donna Nolan-Wilson, AXS (Jun 16, 2015)

“a sincere compilation of emotionally-born compositions”

– Will Phoenix, AXS (Apr 01, 2015)

“When you hear Annette Conlon’s vocals, it’s hard not to think about Judy Collins and Emmylou Harris.”

– Gary Schwind, (Sep 07, 2014)

“Annette is writing music, living life in the moment and making her dreams of recording her Album …Reality!”

– Penny L., Fierce Magazine Online (Nov 18, 2014)

“Annette Conlon Reclaims Her Voice on ‘Life, Death and the Spaces Between’ “

– Deborah Crooks, Bird in the Tree (Nov 15, 2014)

“Songsalive! is pleased to announce the winner of the Second Yearly SONGSALIVE! SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR AWARD: ANNETTE CONLON! Annette Conlon was chosen for this prestigious award and was given her Award at a special ceremony as part of the Los Angeles Songsalive! Holiday Party on November 29, 2011. Awarded for her songwriting, her artistry and her dedication to helping other artists in the community.”

– Gilli Moon, Songsalive! website and Songnotes (Nov 29, 2011)




The young and lovely Annette Conlon writes and sings about life and death with poise, wisdom and grace. This is a very special and unusual album with titles like, Cedar Box, First Suicide and Live Like an Angel. Not your usual same old boy girl pablum here ! Life, Death and the Spaces in Between is a powerful deep rewarding album by a young artist who actually has something valuable to say. Give her a listen !


5.0 out of 5 stars Great music straight ahead
By Ricky Kej on October 30, 2015 Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase
The pure colours of country music are radiant on this album…forthright songs telling the story as it is… no frills and nothing overdressed. The cry of the pedal steel guitar and the brisk banjo picking in time are out of this world, especially on ‘Ten thousand steps’ and ‘You gave me wings’. The other gems I found here are ‘Fell’ and ‘Rodeo’ … both bouncy and uptempo. There’s also ‘Canyon minds’ that has a feel of connecting with Nature and the title track ‘Life, Death and the spaces between’ that is a perfect example of the forthright characteristic I started off with.


By Wouter Kellerman on September 10, 2015 Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase
I simply love this kind of arrangement – simple and straight from the heart. The title track is so matter of fact about life; it just comes right across to you and stays. A very motivating track is Live Like An Angel that makes you rise up above everything. There’s fine stylish harmony on Without You and 10000 steps. Faceless Angel has a punchy two-four beat and Rodeo is an insight into the excitement an event in a small town rides on.
Compelling and engaging songs with heart-warming, thought provoking and meaningful lyrics.


5.0 out of 5 stars A Riveting Debut Album by a Talented Songstress
By Russell Suereth Jr on September 16, 2015 Format: MP3 Music
Here is a riveting debut album by a talented songstress. Annette Conlon gives us a collection of songs that explore her two-year journey with illness, wrapped in the warm blanket of Americana music. The result is an album that is both creative and compelling.
One of my favorite tracks is “First Suicide” with Annette’s rich and expressive vocals that balance atop a moving rhythm. This an excellent album that is performed very well all around.


Beautiful album! ?
by MusicLoverLovesEveryday
This is a great album! Make sure to check it out!


This is a very special and unusual album !
by Music Lover 731
The young and lovely Annette Conlon writes and sings about life and death with poise, wisdom and grace. This is a very special and unusual album with titles like, Cedar Box, First Suicide and Live Like an Angel. Not your usual same old boy girl pablum here ! Life, Death and the Spaces in Between is a powerful deep rewarding album by a young artist who actually has something valuable to say. Give her a listen !


Read all about the CD: Life, Death, and the Spaces Between




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AnnetteConlon-headshot-SQAnnette and Doug at Kulak's Woodshed in December 2016Annette Conlon - Adams Pack StationAnnette Conlon - El CidAnnetteConlon-BSC-sqAnnette Conlon - Adams Pack Station


I wanted to include a page about veganism and animal rights because both of these things are very important to me. What I eat, what I wear, how I live and look at the world make up the essential elements of who I am as a songwriter. I rescue kitties. I care for community cats. We will at times foster cats when we can. You’ll see photos, little stories and vignettes below. Take what you will. I’m not telling you how to live your life, I am sharing with you how I live mine. <3


Annette Conlon - Molly Malones - 021316

I love my new Bedell Blackbird Vegan Parlor Guitar. This guitar is the ultimate forest stewardship guitar in addition to its vegan friendly construction. Inspired by the beauty and wonder of the American landscape: the streams and deserts, swamps and forests, beaches and valleys, and all the magnificent animals that grace this vast and diverse country, from shore to shore. I am honored to be an Endorsed Artist for Bedell. Bedell Guitars is committed to thoughtfully and sustainably honoring our connectivity between the woods of our forests and our music, creating beautifully crafted instruments from “seed to song.”

I am very excited to share my vegan guitar on my Vegan Land~of~Sky 2016 Tour this Fall! I’ll be at Sanctuary Brewing Company, Hendersonville, NC (a vegan brewpub that focuses on animal rights) on Thursday, Sept 28, 2016 and at Chicago’s Vegan Mania event on Oct 1, 2016! Check the Tour Dates page for more dates TBA!

Couch Guitar Straps All of my guitar straps are made by Couch. I’ve also purchased straps for Doug, too! I’m so happy to be an Endorsed Artist for Couch (they don’t really officially have other than me, but hey!) Couch Guitar Straps are vegan guitar straps made of automotive and upholstery vinyl. They are made of at least 25% found, deadstock or recycled materials. They look sharp, work great, and are reasonably priced.



Vegan clothing, shoes, bags, belts, hats, guitar straps, oh my! All of these things help me live my life more completely and help me feel I am doing my best to be the best possible version of me I can possibly be. I want to leave the smallest footprint with the loudest (and sweetest) voice.

Here are some of my favorite things:

Vaute Couture winter coats, dresses, sweaters, hats, jewelry, tees and more for women, men, and children! Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart has created a sustainable vegan line that is designed and made here in the USA of recycled fabrics. I own several coats, a couple of dresses, tees, and a couple of sweater shawls (made from soy yarns!) I’m so very warm and cozy AND I am secure in knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of my favorite things.

Vegan Scene in Santa Monica is a glam, ethical, edgy vegan boutique and lifestyle space curated by Amy Rebecca. From clothes, jackets, purses, to small housewares, to yoga classes, to holiday parties and cooking demos you can find it all at Vegan Scene. Amy Rebecca is full of boundless energy and is one of the kindest people I know. Stop by!

Hipster for Sisters designer hands free hand bags, sustainably made from animal and earth-friendly materials. There is nothing better than the freedom of not having to carry your handbag. My ‘Hipster for Sisters’ bag fits comfortably around my hips. Perfect for gigs, travel, everyday errands, and easily dresses up or down. Best of all, I can toss it in my huge travel bag and GO!



Shojin in Culver City is my favorite restaurant. This is a lovely Japanese/French fusion sushi restaurant. The staff is delightful, sweet, gentle and kind. The food is oh, so delicious, and the atmosphere is romantic without being stifling. You can wear jeans or a dress and you will be welcomed with open arms. Holiday meals are prix fix and amazing, generous portions are served, with multiple courses, and delicious desserts. The Saki is also superb. I do not know of any other establishment that serves such perfectly prepared food. Vegan/Gluten Free. You can also request low salt, low acid and other dietary restrictions.

Flore Vegan Cuisine in Silverlake is another favorite. The staff are sweet and kind. The menu consists of high quality, organic fare served up as home style food.



Clover and MiniPurrlWe’ve done a lot of TNR and cat rescue since buying our house, but every cat I’ve had as an adult has been rescued. Pamuk was saved from euthanasia at a Turkish zoo. She was scheduled to die the next day and I paid 48,000TL to save her (about $50 at the time and well worth 18 years of love.) Sophia was rescued from a shelter in N. Dallas several weeks after Pamuk died. The cats we have now (Winnie, Clover, and MiniPurrl) have all been rescued from our community cat crew. MiniPurrl was just a 4 week old kitten who climbed into the engine of our MiniCooper for shelter.

We feed approximately six cats outside every day/night. The number varies as they come and go as they please. We TNR every season. We have also trapped and placed two kittens. We also feed four small raccoons and two lKitten Rescuedarge raccoons (they travel in separate packs) along with several birds. Caring for these community animals is a very important part of being a member of the community, and, to me, a part of being a compassionate vegan, and giving back to the sustainability of our planet. We need to nurture and care for our littlest and most defenseless creatures. I advocate for #adoptdontshop always. If you are ever looking for a new cat or dog or bunny or horse or ANY animal contact me. I will help you find a wonderful rescue animal to adopt.



I do volunteer work with Stray Cat Alliance. (I help them out with graphic arts.) I also perform at various cat events including The Cat Club Los Angeles‘ St Catty’s Day Feline Art Show in Abbot Kinney 3/17/16, and Kitty Bungalow’s Gradfest Reunion on 4/18/2016 at Pussy & Pooch in Beverly Hills, CA. I have held fundraisers for Kitten Rescue, Operation Kindness, Heal the Bay, and California Wildlife Center, as well!


If you have any questions about vegan food, makeup, recipes, animal rescue, adoption, foster, TNR, etc, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m at your disposal.

Check back often – more to come!



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