Annette Conlon at 663 SoundI cannot believe it! We’ve finished recording and mixing “Life, Death, and the Spaces Between!” What started off last June as “oh, just a few songs with Ted Wulfers to see how it goes” has turned into FIFTEEN songs chronicling my life and death struggles, my emotions, feelings, thoughts, relationships with my family and friends, and all of those wonderful spaces between.

I am so happy and excited. We head to Nashville in March to master the CD and I plan to release it on April 17, 2015. Why April 17? That’s one year to the date from when I fell and hit my head on that trashcan outside of Green Peas in Culver City and received a severe concussion which resulted in a big “time out” from computers/tv/cell phone and all electronics. That “time out” gave me the time to reflect upon everything that had transpired when I was sick and almost died in 2012 and allowed me to channel my thoughts and sit down to write… and now, holy smokes, we have a record!