Video: Sweet Sophia Tribute

Today is Sophia’s birthday. I wanted to honor her as she was such an important part of my life for so long. I wrote last song, “Sweet Sophia,” on Life, Death, and the Spaces Between, the day after I was told she had cancer and had but a few days left with us. I wrote this song with her in my arms. You can hear her meows in the song as I recorded her meows and her jingle bell collar rubbing up against me and the guitar neck. We always slept together anyway but once she became sick we were inseparable day and night. I didn’t leave her side. I don’t wish this pain on any creature. I will always love and miss her and looking at these photos of our life together reminds me of the gift I had in my very special friend. Always rescue your pets from shelters when you can. The most amazing gift will be waiting for you.

The Bluebird Cafe Open Mic

The Bluebird CafeI mastered my album today!!! This is the most momentous thing that has happened this year, other than finalizing the recording. We could think of no better way to celebrate than to head on over to the world renown Bluebird Cafe and stand in line in the cold drizzle, make new, lasting friends, and hope by tempting fate, get a chance to make it up onto one of the most famous little stages you can imagine. Well, luck was on our side, as both Doug and I each had a chance to sing a song. We also got a chance to go back up and sing a song together at the end of the night. It was the perfect end to our Nashville trip. Hearts and Smiles.

Annette Conlon – Off The Rails – LIVE at The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN

Annette Conlon – Live Like An Angel – LIVE at The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN